Kiri the therapy cat

Hi! Welcome to my page – I’m Kiri the therapy cat, I’m a two year old Maine Coon. This page has some information about me at the top, and links to my blog underneath.


As I said, I’m Kiri the kitty, nice to meet you! I like nothing better than hanging out in Abi’s therapy room and garden all day. If you’d like me to, I can assist in sessions by purring at the appropriate moment, curling up for a sleep next to you, asking for belly rubs, chin scratches and back strokes and listening without judging. I love small hoomins and don’t scratch them; I can even be picked up. I don’t particularly mind being stroked the wrong way or having toys arranged on me. 

Abi will ask when you first visit whether you like or are allergic to cats – this is important because I have three adopted brothers who may also visit sessions at times. Abi will make sure we’re shut away and the throws are washed if you have an allergy or don’t like cats (home visits are also available).

Kiri’s blog is available here
Kiri’s Facebook page can be found here