Sessions are fifty minutes long. During our initial meeting or first session we will collaboratively decide on the best way to work together and the frequency of sessions.

One to one work with children and young people

One to one work with children involves non-directive play therapy and the use of art techniques to explore what is happening in the external world of the child, but also the thoughts and feelings underlying the play or art. With older children a combination of more structured art techniques and talking therapy is often the approach used. An emphasis on increasing self-awareness and the ability to communicate feelings and thoughts is a priority.

Parent and family work

The psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott famously stated ‘There is no such thing as a baby … if you set out to describe a baby, you will find you are describing a baby and someone’. Babies, children and young people live within varied and intricate family systems and it is vitally important to involve the system as much as possible in order to promote far reaching and long lasting change.

With this in mind I offer parent or family review sessions as part of my one to one work with children and young people. I also work with parents separately to their children with any difficulties in parenting or mental illness that may be impacting on parenting (including post natal depression). I can provide group work with whole families, too.

Parent-infant work

Parent-infant therapy has the aim of improving the relationship between parents or caregivers and their babies. Parent-infant therapy may be useful if there is a concern about attachment, bonding, crying, illness, the impact of relationship difficulties or parental mental distress. Home visits can be offered.

The approach involves a combination of play and observational techniques with parents and their babies, and talking therapy with parents.

Adult counselling

I offer short, medium and long term psychodynamic counselling for adults in a one to one setting. I have experience in a range of areas. Session frequency and amounts will be agreed within the first meeting and regularly reviewed as counselling goes on.

Psychodynamic counselling involves the careful creation of a therapeutic relationship in which past experiences, patterns of relating, difficult feelings and unconscious processes are discussed and worked through in the here and now.

The art and creative techniques I use with young people can be adapted for use with adults and can provide a playful way to explore difficult and unconscious aspects of experience.

Although I am psychoanalytically informed this does not mean I am an analyst (you won’t be required to lie on a couch). If you are looking for a psychoanalyst please check the British Psychoanalytic Council.