About me

I began my career as a student counsellor working with adults in an integrative way; this involved a knitting together of person-centred, cognitive behavioural and psychodynamic approaches.

I worked integratively for some time in various services, learning the value of the person-centered empathic stance, which I now try to take everywhere with me, the logical approach of CBT and the deeper exploration of underlying processes that psychodynamic counselling brings.

I began to feel more drawn to psychodynamic and psychoanalytic theory and exploring the unconscious. When I decided to follow my dream of working with children I chose courses with a psychoanalytic theory base. My current NHS Masters is entitled ‘Working with children, young people and families: a psychoanalytic approach’ and involves an in depth linking of my work and observations with the theories of Freud, Klein, Winnicott, Bowlby and other psychoanalytic object relations theorists.

I hope in time to pursue a doctorate in psychoanalytic child and adolescent pyschotherapy with the NHS. Please note, I am a counsellor and not a psychoanalyst – if you wish to see one, please check the British Psychoanalytic Council or the Association for Child Psychotherapists for more information.

I am listed in both the Counselling Directory  and BACP’s Register of Therapists.